Toothache is a common condition that is usually an indication of tooth decay. It’s caused by the inflammation of the tooth pulp usually as a result of bacterial infections. However, toothache can also be as a result of tooth cavity. Some home remedies that can relieve toothache include:

Clove oil

When applied on the aching tooth, it helps to alleviate the pain while at the same time eliminating any tooth infection.  The oil can be applied directly onto the tooth or pour a little on a piece of cotton ball and place next to the aching tooth. A pinch of pepper on the clove oil greatly improves its effectiveness.


Place the ice packs on your hand and massage the ice on the area between your forefinger and thumb. Do this for several minutes and you will be surprised at how fast this eases the toothache. The idea behind this is that the rubbing stimulates the body’s nerve pathways which reduce the pain impulses. This method has been proved to have a 60% to 90% chance of success. Alternatively, the ice can be placed on the aching tooth to instantly ease the pain. You can also compress the ice making the part that is aching as the main pressure point. This also works by stimulating the tooth’s nerve endings to alleviate the pain. But if it aggravates the pain, it should be stopped instantly.

Boiled salt water

This water should not be swallowed but should be gargled instead. This helps to clean the teeth as well as curing any dental infection that one may be having. Salt contains anti-bacterial properties that help reduce the pain that’s as a result of bacterial infections.

Keep your head in an elevated position

Have you ever wondered why toothaches usually occur at night when you lie down to sleep? It is because when you sleep, you apply a lot of pressure on the head, which means that there are more probabilities that the teeth are also bearing some of this pressure. It’s therefore advisable to put your head in an elevated angle. When sleeping, avoid putting the side of your mouth with the aching tooth as the base. It would also be better if you can sleep with your face looking at the ceiling. Also ensure that the headrest or pillow is made from a soft material.

Keep your mouth shut

When cold air moves past the aching tooth, it aggravates the pain. This also helps to reduce chances of further infection due to exposure to contaminated air. However there are instances when it’s advisable to keep the mouth open especially the toothache is as a result of the person biting himself.

Don’t bite

Avoid using the aching tooth for chewing food as there is a chance that this may increase the pain while at the same time exposing it to infection. Remember that it’s very hard to clean an aching tooth thus if food particles clog in between there is a probability that they may remain there for long probing further infections.

Eat well

Toothache just like any other infection can be managed well by taking healthy diet. Foods rich in Vitamin C are the best toothache relievers. They also contain nutrients that give the body strength to withstand the pain and recover faster. These include tomatoes, green vegetables, fresh fruits especially the citrus fruits. Lemon and orange juices are also helpful if the person has bleeding gums or bad breath.


Even if they give bad mouth odor temporarily, they are very effective for improving the dental health which is an important aspect of treating toothaches. One should chew a small onion for 4 to 5 minutes everyday. This helps to clear germs that are stuck in between the teeth. A small piece of onion can also be placed on the aching tooth as its juices rinse the inside of the cavity and thus kill germs to relieve the toothache.


2 to 4 seeds mixed in salt are placed on the aching tooth to help kill bacteria and relieve the pain. It is also a perfect remedy for bleeding gums and weak teeth.

Use painkillers

Aspirin is the most commonly used toothache reliever. One can either swallow it whole or crush it and place the powder on the aching tooth. This is an old-time remedy that’s believed to reduce the degree of pain as long as the aspirin powder is dry enough to ‘suck’ out the pain. When swallowing the aspirin, take one tablet every 4 to 6 hours.

Stay cool

Avoiding taking hot drinks or foods as they aggravate tooth pain. Similarly don’t wear very heavy clothing. Heat has a way of drawing the infection to the outside of the jaw which will obviously make the infection worse.

Other tips

Never pick an aching tooth using a tooth pick as it can result to deepening of the cavities thus causing more pain.

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